Historically Inspired Costumes

Robe à l’Anglaise

This was a dress inspired by the fashion from the film Marie Antoniette (2005). While I took some inspiration from the film, I also researched the traditional robes à l’Anglaise and drafted my own patterns. This was my first historically inspired costume.


Making the bodice

Making the skirts, sleeves and trim

Making a Robe à l’Anglaise: the Photos

Cream Dress

This dress was inspired by a dress I saw in Reign, so though it has lots of anachronistic features, it isn’t inspired by a particular decade. Rather, it reminds me a lot of the romanticised version of medieval and Renaissance fashion in film.


Making the bodice

Making the sleeves, skirts and details

Making a Cream Dress: the Photos

Red Velvet Dress

This was my holiday inspired project for 2016. I was also inspired by Renaissance looks, such as square necklines. This was made over a week out of three meters of red velvet. I also made a holiday crown to match!


Making the bodice and the sleeves

Making the Skirt and Crown

1871 Evening Dress

This project was based on an extant 1871 evening dress at the Fashion Museum Bath. It is made from 8 meters of light blue fabric, and it includes a steel bustle cage to achieve the right silhouette.


Making an 1871 Evening Dress: Foundations and the Bodice

Making an 1871 Evening Dress: the Skirt and Overskirt

Making an 1871 Evening Dress: the sleeves and details

Making an 1871 Evening Dress: the photos

1860s sea green ballgown

Making an 1860s ballgown: plans and foundations

Making an 1860s ballgown: the bodice

Making an 1860s ballgown: the sleeves and skirt