These are my finished cosplays. Some of them I did before I started this blog, so I could not document them!



I don’t have any blog posts for this costume as this was the first costume that got me into sewing! My grandmother made most of the construction of it, though I helped with a lot of the details and the corset. This motivated me to learn how to sew.


Photo by Raquel Gaspar.

I also don’t have any blog posts about this. This was my first proper sewing project. I have a lot of photos from the process of this on my Instagram. It was a lot of fun and though the cotton velvet frayed a lot, I had a great time making it. I originally wore a redhead wig when I wore this to May Comic Con 2016, but I hated the wig. I also attempted to photoshoot this, but due to my inability to model and my surprisingly crappy camera, the outcome isn’t great.

Art Nouveau Meg

Photo by Lachlan Williams.

I loved making this cosplay. It was such a challenge, everything was new to me. However, I loved the design and I love the outcome.

Making the Worbla armour

Making the dress… toga… thing

Making the details

Jane Porter

Photo by MattEleven Photography.

I made this cosplay for MCM London May 2017. It was a very fun costume, especially because I wanted to make it different to the original costume, so it was more of a challenge. Everything was drafted and made by me!

Making a Jane Porter cosplay: plans and undergarments

Making a Jane Porter cosplay: the bodice

Making a Jane Porter cosplay: the skirt and overskirts

Making a Jane Porter cosplay: the details

Making a Jane Porter cosplay: the photos