The beginning

It has now been little over six months since I bought my sewing machine and I’ve fallen head first into a world I had never thought would have a place for me. My interest in sewing was a symptom of attending comic cons and envying costumes. From then, I made the resolution that a costume would be made — and since at the time I could not sew, my amazing grandmother came to the rescue and so Esmeralda was made (excuse my face, it daunts me too).


Now I can’t take much credit for this. I chose the fabrics, helped with the design and made the corset, but that was about it. Again, amazing grandmother.

But it set me off and soon after, I realised I had to make more. So I did! I started with little crafts, a small pumpkin pin cushion, some stuffed hearts, and then fell into historic costumery. God knows how.

But look how cute it is! I’ve lost so many needles in it

So then for May Comic Con I had my first big project! I decided to make a Merida cosplay. My greatest influence and help was Angela Clayton, over at Angela Clayton’s Costumery & Creations. Her blog posts on how she made hers guided me through this strange world of velvet and chiffon. And I ended up with this:


I’ve deleted most of the WIP photos of this because I thought I’d never write about it. Oops! Well moving on, I’ve bought a bunch of commercial patterns. I thought these would be good for understanding how piece fit together and onto a person, which is what I’ve been mostly struggling with. Exhibit A, my university summer ball dress I made based on my own pattern:

I mean, the lace sort of makes up for the fact that the bodice fits horribly. … right?

So on we go! So far I have made:

  • the 1630 stays from Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh
  • the 1776 stays from Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh
  • a Victorian corset, pattern by Redthreaded
  • one 18th century chemise
  • one 19th century chemise
  • one petticoat
  • one 18th century bum roll (it’s huge, like, what?)

What I should be working on soon:

  • 18th century stays
  • an 18th century ensemble, maybe a robe à l’anglaise, I’m not sure yet
  • and my big big project, my cosplay for the October Comic con, Art Nouveau Megara! This redesign is by the awesome artist Hannah Alexander (seriously, check her out, omg) and it looks like this:
redesign by Hannah Alexander, link above

Amazing, right? So far, I have figured out how to make most of it. Painting the swirly things on the bottom of the skirt of the chiffon (the shiftiest of all shifty fabrics) is still a mystery. I have bought and received the chiffon (yay), I’ve ordered the dyes for it. I’ve bought the Worbla and actually made my armour pattern tonight! But guess what? I’m actually taking photos and documenting how this goes, so pray for me!


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